Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Story That Could Be In the Ensign

Fast forward to Wednesday and Thursday when I was on exchange with Elder Taylor, the freaking man. He really helped me out with the whole stress of Boston and my comp. We did lots of finding but didn't find anyone.  I just needed someone to tell me that I can do it.
So Friday I'm back with Elder Webster and I just made up my mind I’m going all out today. So I start talking to everyone. I'm chasing them down like I was back in Coventry. I just had elder Webster point the way and I would go and stop everyone in the way.  We met some really good people. One guy was like “I got 10 minutes starting now...go.” So we taught him and got his details...fake details.  I was bumped but oh well.   

Later that day I see two black people so I leave Webster and run up to them.  Get this they know elders from the past and they play basketball.  I was like dude no way I do to!! So we are going to play with them and a few others this Thursday. One of them is going to play for the under 18 UK team. So should be fine.
Saturday morning (this is the great story part) I was like I don't know if I can do that again.  I need some help. It’s 7:45am and I get a call from some guy in Nottingham.  He tells me how he was in Boston working on the chapel and a lady drove up asking if the church was open because she was trying to "find God".  Long story short: she was stressing out about her childhood and how the doctor gave her some pills and she went crazy. The guy then gives me her details and tells me to go see her. So that's what we do. She invites us in and tell us I don't think you can do anything for me. She tells me the same story really. I have no idea what to do. So Ii just pull out a picture of Jesus Christ in the garden during the time of the atonement and bear my testimony to her about how she can get that healing which she is looking for. She asks how and I tell her it is through something called baptism.  We talk more and walk out 50 minutes later with her on a date for baptism on December 14 and her to come to church on Sunday.
Sunday comes around and she comes for two hours and we are seeing her on again on Tuesday. It was such a crazy story and feeling when I think about it. Out of all the churches here in Boston how is it she comes to the church of Jesus Christa of Latter day saints. The ward helped out a lot with fellow shipping her. I was a bit shocked of how well they did really.
Also along the way to see her I was hit by a car haha. I'm just walking, just chilling and this car’s mirror clipped me going about 30 mph. He just drilled my elbow and didn't even stop. I was shocked like what the heck. I’m still a bit sore but it’s all good.
I have kinda figured out how to work with elder Webster.  We will see if we stay or I stay in Boston.  Transfer is the 11 of Dec. Oh the lady’s name is Donna.  Hope for another good week.   Love you all and miss you all,  Love Elder Doty

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