Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9th

This week was busy but we didn't get a lot of missionary work in.

On Monday we had zone p-day in Nottingham so we got to run around and play some football and basketball.  It was good to see some other elders and sisters again.

We saw the less active with the 3rd nut again. He didn't bring anything up about his 3rd nut again which was nice because last time it was just awkward...

I went back to Leicester to see a doctor.  I don't know why they sent me all the way there. 3 hours on the train just one way. So we didn't get anything done that day. It was crazy to be back in Leicester and my old area again. Never really liked that place. Just not the people I like to talk with.

We had our 1st English class this one showed up. So we are going to try and get the word out more and give it another shot. We have too many people who speak polish and russian here but speak poor english so we are trying to use it as a finding tool.

We have had a lot of dinners from the ward.  We had two on Friday. This less active lady always feeds us but we showed up late hoping she already ate... no luck. I never felt so sick in my life. I thought I was going to pop.

This other less active lady came back to church. We were at stake conference and the bishop comes up to me and elder bills and asks if we can help with a blessing. She asked if I would do it. I have no idea who this lady is and I had to give a blessing. That was a lesson of always being ready to give one because you never really know when we might have to give one.
Well this week we did a lot of finding. We are finding people but no one will hold. Hopefully this week will be better.
Miss you all and love you all so much.

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