Sunday, September 1, 2013

August 27

I have two stories I think are good so here they go:

1. We were up in this area called Skegness and Elder Bills felt like we should go see a former member. So we go pop by. We start walking down this hill to the flat and this kid comes down on a bike and knocks the door we are trying to knock.  So we start talking to him. About 10 years ago he met with missionaries and said he wouldn't be up for retaking the lessons. Told us the former didn't live here and his mom might be down to have the lessons again. He gives us his mom's details and we go by his mom. We go to his mom's house and she is outside smoking.  We start talking with her and she thought we were police haha. We talk to her for about 15 mins. She tells us how her son (the one we just talked to) is on his way to prison because he just beat the crap out of some guy. We/Elder Bills talked to her and bore testimony of how the atonement of Jesus Christ can heal even the most broken families. She said we could then come back next time we go up to Skegness and she took a Book of Mormon and said she would reread it. The reason I like this story is because of just the timing of it. It just happened to be the time her son was riding his bike and just happened to be the time she was outside and listened to us. And that just happened to be the day we went us to Skegness. Truth is it didn't just happen. God has a plan for everyone of Jis children and it's on His timing.
2. We have this golden person but we just can't get a hold of her for some reason. So we go tract her house. We got her mom in and she said she moved to west street. So we make plans to tract the hold street and card every single one of them to find her. The street has about 40 houses. so we start at door number a referral to door number three....not home. So we keep knocking and no one is home. We get to about door number 25ish and it is getting late and this lady just slammed the door in our face. We feel like giving up and I just look back at all of the doors we have knocked and guess who I see walking our way. Savannah. the golden person. We then talk with her and she tells us how her phone has been all messed up and she said she is going out of town for a week. But she just felt like she should come outside and talk to us because she saw us through her window. Elder bills says" oh what a small world.  We just happen to be knocking door to door where you was meant to be" haha funny guy. So we plan to meet with her next week.

Besides that the week has been alright We had a ward bbq the other day. Nothing like the American bbqs but it was good.  We had a few investigators come and a few less actives. Things are starting to pick up here in Boston. I really don't want to leave or get a new companion for a while.

 Love you all and miss you, Love Elder Doty

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