Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 3rd

It was an alright week.  A lot of weird things happened from talking to people on the street.

We had someone last Tuesday tell us that us knocking doors kills people. He said that when we knock a door an old lady has to come down the stairs and when she does that she falls and dies and because of that we are to blame...so in other words us knocking doors kills people. We had a chat with him for about 10 seconds then he used some nice words and left us. Didn't stop us knocking more doors.

We also met with a less active and he told us about his problems which are a lot. One of them being that he has a 3rd nut because he got the snip and something went wrong. I have no idea why he needed to tell us that but he was very open with us and told us the whole thing.  A bit awkward but not going to lie it was very funny to hear this because this guy is a bit off so it was funny.

Sad news... the lady we had on a date dropped.  We are going to try again in a week. We also had to drop about 4 of our investigators this week so we are kinda starting over in a way. We did have one person at church. She is a part member family. Everyone is less active in the family but she came to church and it was everything she needed to hear. It was like the fast and testimony meeting was made just for her. She said she loved it and was going to go call her husband (who is living with someone else right now) about tell him how she felt. Hope that turns out alright.

Should be an alright week. I have to go back to Leicester to see the doctor again about my knee.  I hope we can finally figure this thing out. We also have stake conference this week. Hope they talk about member missionary work. Just of right now we have people in the ward who are sharing the gospel with friends. This one lady comes up to us and says elders I need 4 book of Mormons now! She is working with friends and we had no idea about it. Hope something turns out there.

Thank you all for the letters and emails, Love Elder Doty

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