Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 17th

So this week was alright. Still doing a lot of finding and not finding anything great. We did however find this guy I feel pretty good about. His name is Mark and he stopped another elder when we were on exchanges and we are meeting with him on Tuesday. He just got out of jail and is looking to have more peace in his life. Works for me. Whenever someone stops you on the mission they are always really good. Look what happened in Coventry with Festus...
I still feel we are really close with this part member less active family. Once we get the mom to join the rest of the family WILL become active. But she is waiting for her husband to come back home (he is living with someone else right now). But we are trying to get her to see if she takes the first step the rest of the family will follow. She is coming to church and says she loves it. We go over and do service for her and teach her every week.  We are SO close. Once we get her on a date and baptized she will be an awesome member. Her name is Elaine. Like people in the ward think she is a member. When we told them she isn't they are shocked. Everyone thinks she is a member.  Besides Mark and Elaine we have a few we find and they drop. Been that way this whole transfer.
We are trying to work better with the members by just getting them to do little small things. Each time we have a dinner we always share I think its Alma 7. The small things bring to pass the great things. We are really trying to get the members to help us out. Good news Elder Bills and I are staying here in Boston so we might be able to get the members help  Because they are feeding us and are very kind to us.  We just need from them people for us to teach.

We hope for a good week coming up. Looking at the plans we are packed.  Going to be a busy week.
Love Elder Doty

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