Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8th

Hello family and friends

Not much has happened this week. A lot of exchanges with missionaries and I have a few more planned in the next few weeks. The weather here has been very nice and warm I'm loving it..

It's been a bit of a struggle getting my companion to go out and work and my time with him is about over. So I'm just kinda holding on right now and just waiting till this is over.

I don't really like the ward. I have already bashed heads a few times with members in the ward. The ward has maybe 2 families and they are a bit weird and it has lots of old people who were found by missionaries knocking on their doors. That was the old way and now it has to be changed but since they are old they think "I'm right and you are wrong" so that has led me to knock heads with a few people. Not good but it has already happened. I'm speaking in church this Sunday so maybe I can change my "mean missionary" look.
The English peeple are going nuts because of Andy Murray. They have a big screen in downtown here and people have just been sitting down and watching it.  It's funny how this is the only thing they really care about.
The 3 converts in Coventry got the gift of the Holy Ghost.  Many blessings from the Lord.
Thank you all for the prayers and emails.  They have been a big help. Hopefully this week we can get some work done here and I don't bash heads with the members.
Love, Elder Doty

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