Sunday, July 7, 2013

July 1st

So I have been sent away from Coventry. I'm not very happy about it. I was in a great ward and had a great companion and great investigators, everything was going good in Coventry. But now I have been moved to a new area it is the Evington Ward. Let me just say that this place isn't as good as Coventry. The ward is very old and well I haven't even been in the ward a week and I already hurt a less active members feelings...that can explain why they are less active. The Evington Ward is the North East and Eastern side of Leicester. 70% of the city is Muslim. And they say in ten years it will be 100% Muslim.
We have almost no investigators. 1 investigator named Jeff who has issues about Joseph Smith and its rather deep doctrine. I won't really go into it but he has issues with Joseph Smith being a man called of god.

My new companion is Elder LaPard. He is 21 years old and is about 4 months out. He is a good guy just struggles finding desire to go out and work,  which I can understand because a mission is hard no question about it.  But all in all he is a good kid.
I live in a sweet flat! It once was a stable for horses! I have pictures and they are pretty cool.

Yesterday I was able to go to Coventry for the baptisms. I was very happy about that and I have pictures of it. It was maybe the best day of my mission. Now I just have to do what I did in Coventry here in Evington.
Thank you all for the letters and emails. Miss you all and love you all!
Elder Doty

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