Monday, July 22, 2013

July 15th

Hello Family and friends

Another slow week. Not much is going on and I'm still struggling with my companion. He really doesn't want to be here and won't really do anything. It sounds like I'm just going to have to hold on for 2 more weeks then I can get someone new. I did an exchange with the AP here. That dude is kinda a retard. We didn't find many and well I left not feeling much better then when we started the exchange.

I still pull a lot of exchanges with other elders here in Leicester I think if I can't get my companion to do anything maybe I can help their area out. I think it's doing something. I'm really just out of ideas and am just holding on till the end of the transfer. 

I spoke in church the other day. My companion played sick so I had to get another elder to speak in church. I just told the ward we need help in finding. I only had about 3 mins to speak.
So I saw a doctor about my knee. By the looks of it I will need surgery. I have torn cartilage in my left knee. It doesn't heal on its own. You have to go into the knee and remove it. But they are going to have me get an MRI to see what it is. The MRI is next week and on 31 of july I get the results.

Nothing else to report because nothing is happening right now. Maybe something good will happen this week.

Thanks for the emails.  Love Elder Doty


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