Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29th

Once again not much has happened this week. I was able to get my companion out for a bit and he did do some work, although I did have to drag him out and make him work. So we did get some work done but nothing that I'm pumped about. The good news is that my comp phoned president and met with him again. I don't really know why president is still holding onto him. If someone doesn't want to be here send them home then. But he is going to phone president later today and I'm just praying that we can get all this fixed. I want to change Evington and to change this ward and everything but I need someone who is willing to do the same thing and well I don't have that right. Other missionaries have phoned me and asked why he is still here  They all think president should send him home. But president doesn't send anyone home for anything. One missionary went swimming in the ocean at like 2 am with a girl and he is still here. But I guess president sees things I don't see or understand.
I will get the results of my knee MRI this week. It is the day of a big meeting and the zone leaders asked if I could change the date. I just told them no I have waited a long time for this and I'm not waiting any longer, plus I hate meetings so I'm okay with being late.

I guess we will get answers this week to a lot of things I have been waiting for so I'm excited about this week and hope it is a good week.

I have found that my study the last few days has been very good. I'm reading Jesus the Christ and have found a few things to be very eye opening.
Thank you all for the prayers and emails I have felt a big change in me this week.
Love Elder Doty

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