Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Very Hard Week

Let me start off by saying that this week just sucked. It was one of the hardest weeks of my mission so far. My guess is I will have alot more to come.

Tuesday I went on exchange with Elder Okounghae. He is a new missionary from London.  We really just went out finding. We were going to go teaching but the person canceled on us. It was an alright exchange, but we didn't really find anyone. We went by Angie's and found she was having problems quitting smoking. We asked if we could come by Thursday morning she said yes.

Wednesday we then went on another exchange. Elder Dalton and I met in Wocerster for like an hour to then go on exchange with the zone leaders. I went to Cheltenham with Elder Kerr. We had a very good exchange found some very good people that I have good feelings about. Thursday I finally got back into Eevesham with elder Dalton.

So when I get back Elder Dalton and Elder Brewer ( the other Zone Leader) went and saw Angie. She has dropped her baptism date and wanted to not see us anymore. We talked to her and planned to see her on Sunday. She didn't come to church. Also her ex husband Andrew has dropped us. He then has been talking to Angie and saying some stuff. We believe that is why she has dropped the date to be baptised. We are going to see Angie on Tuesday and just talk to her. To say the least I'm not happy about her ex husband saying things to Angie which is causeing her to fall back. Anyways once we got back we went to this very very small town called Honeybourne. We had to go find some lost sheep (less actives). and we knocked on a few doors. We had no luck and it's like 7 miles away to get there. Once we start to leave it just dumps down rain and then gets really dark. and we dont have lights on our bikes... that wasn't a whole lot of fun.

|Friday we went and saw Gavin. He is still having issues and fell backward on his drinking. He is drinking more now so we are a few steps behind were we want to be with Gavin. We then go see a lady who joined the church about 4 mouths ago. She says she is not coming back to church again... She says there is some stuff she doesn't believe. That was just icing on the cake. Elder dalton and I had just enough. Everything just went south for us. We both wanted to just quit

Saturday we went to the Wildings and did some help in their yard. It was good to just not think about investigators or church for a few hours. We helped them build a green house. It was alot of digging and hammering nails in.

Sunday at church only one investigator came to church and he only comes to church. At that point both elder Dalton and I had just lost it. But church was good. After we went out to go see a few people and it starts dumping rain and snowing like crazy. We did give a book of Mormon to a man named andre. but really not a whole lot. Also I forgot to say we had dinner with members planned that whole week and everyone of them canceled on us. The Barnes had heard we had been having a very hard week so they had us come over for dinner sunday night. I did get to shoot a basketball for the 1st time in months which was so nice. But yeah, avery hard week and not alot of fun. We did have a lot of less actives come to church so that was really the only good thing that happened this week. I really hope this week will be better. Sorry if I sound mad its just been a hard week.

Hopefully we can get Angie back on a date and find some new people to teach, Grandma thank you for the box of goods. You are crazy for spending all that  money but elder Dalton and I both love you for it.

Love you all thank you for the prayers emails.

Miss you all love elder Doty

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