Monday, February 25, 2013

"Senior Week"

Hello Family and Friends

This week was pretty good. got done with p-day and went to a part member family to do family home evening. On Tuesday we had zone meeting. So about 12 teams of missionaries there. Not going to lie it was a big waste of time. All we did was talk about investigators and what we can do to help them over come their issues. Tueday I also went on exchange with elder Durant. We didn't get alot done because we had his ward council here in Worcester.
Next day elder dalton and I went out to a village called Bretforton. and we found this sweet lady that was like " give me that Book of Mormon and I will read it". I was stunned like that never happens. It was very cool.

Thursday we had to go to the middle of no where to find this person who is less active in the church. We had to take a hour long bus ride then take a hour long walk to see him. Luckily he was in. That pretty much took up the whole day so didn't get alot done the,n but it had to be done. We have been doing lots of finding and looking for people but just haven't been having alot of luck finding then.

This week was very stressful, it was my "senior week" so pretty much that means I take the lead in all planning and teaching we do. So stressful but I did learn alot about how stressful this whole thing is. So it was very much a learning week for me.

Oh funny story this week... We were out knocking on doors and this guy yells at us because his daughter is sick and we might have woken her. He then tells us to beat it or he is going to "kick our butts down the road".  We start laughing then walk away and knock some other houses. He then comes running up to us and says, "Why don't you guys do some good and tell people about this." He then gives us a cancer fund thing and starts yelling at us about how God isn't there and stuff. We just walked away. People like that guy really bug me. Like if you don't wanna know about the church then say you don't wanna know.  

Church on Sunday went very well.  Angie came to church and she has made friends in the branch which is what we needed.  This week we plan to have her on a date. I know we say that every week but this week we were not able to see her due to being busy. We got a new investigator who is a 17 year old girl.  We thought she was just a less active girl because she was always with this family. But turns out she was like, "I wanna be a member, can you guys teach me." So that was just awesome." It was a pretty good week overall. Tonight we find out if we are getting transferred. It's happening early this time because President Rassumen has some big meeting to go to. So we find out all the dodge tonight.

 Well thank you all for the emails and prayers they help out so much!!

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