Monday, February 18, 2013


This week was alot better, although our numbers of the week don't show that but it was better.

Monday after pday we went to a part members house and did family home evening with them. The dad is not a member and the kids have not been to church in months. We had a good lesson. They are from Chile so it's hard to understand them sometimes but we had a good lesson.
Tuesday night we had dinner with the less active we have been working with. He made such a good dinner garlic potatoes and chicken legs and some other stuff SO good!! That night we had to spend the night at the zone leaders flat. They got rid of the extra bed so elder dalton and I had to sleep on the floor. That was not a good nights sleep. I don't think I really slept.
The next morning we had zone conference which is all the missionarys in the south part of the zone We meet in whales and have a big meeting. so yes I went to Wales!! Very cool...looks alot like England cept they speak Welsh sometimes amd I can't understand that. Zone conference was good. President Rassumen talked a lot about being accountable. Stuff like the lord has given us part of his vineyard and we are here to care for it. He used this line "this isn't a game elders and sisters... this is people's salvation at stake" Kinda hit me when he said that. We then got back late at night so we didn't get a lot done that day besides seeing alot of other missionaries and having meetings.
This week we have been doing a lot of tracking and no luck. No potentials at all this week. But the zone leaders got a referral for us last night they say they is very good. So we'll see how that turns out.
Thursday night was just crazy. We were going to have a member pick us up and going teach this old man named Richard. but the memebr canceled on us 1 hour before we had to be there. The ride there is so dangerous so we said a prayer and walked to 3 or 4 miles to Offenham to see Richard. We were about 20 mins late but we made it and had a good lesson with him. He is reading a ton of the Book of Mormon and I think we will have a date for him in the next few weeks.
Friday we had to help this family move out. It was really just elder dalton and me and 2 other people to move a whole house. Saturday we went to Tewkesbury which is a town south west of Evesham. It's a bit bigger than Evesham and we did some tracking.. No luck and stopped by a few lost sheep we made contact with them so that's good. We almost missed our bus so we had to run on the high street to make it to the bus. People were yelling at us but who cares we made it to our bus. That night we went by Angie and had a good leason with her resolved some issues. Pretty much her ex husband feeds he anti Mormon doctrine and doesn't want her to come to church. Her mom is like a spirit talker lady so she has also been feeding Angie some anti Mormon doctrine. So we had to resolve some concerns. She is still reading and praying. She really needs a friend in the church that she can turn to so we are working to try and find one. But other than that she is doing very well and we plan to see her twice this week. We might have her back on a date.
Investigator update:

No weird food or anything. We don't do anything really on pday just take a nap - the best part of pday. 
HE ASKED IF DAVID HAD ANY INTERESTING FRONT DOOR EXPERIENCES: the door thing we just get yelled at. Some lady yelled at us for knocking on her door too late. it was 5pm... some guy spit in my face and yelled at me but he wants me to come back... so idk about that haha
Everyone is from the church of england...but they never go so whatever.
Well I miss you all very much and good to hear from you all love all of you!!
Love Elder Doty

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