Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Halfway Through the MTC

David's letter home today:

I'm still going strong here in England. I'm halfway done in the MTC (mission training center). Next tuesday or wednesday is when I leave for Birmingham. I'm pumped for the idea of going out and doing this work.  You know the gray dark raining days in Seattle?  Well that's everyday here in England and it's so cold. The street preaching was very hard. People don't even stop to look at you or even say hi. They just hold up a hand like stop or just run away. So after 3 hours of preaching and looking for people I only had 4 church conversations.

Something very cool here is that Sister Walker is President Hinckley's oldest daughter. So we got to get a little extra info about what it's like having your dad as the president of the church. The stories she has are so cool. She showed us places where he came on his mission, the 1st market he went to and his first apartment. 

I feel like with only 8 of us missionaries here we are growing very close.  I feel like it's going to hurt when we all leave. Oh well that's life. Thank you for the support and love. I can feel it even though I'm thousands of miles away!!

(I have lots of pictures to post on the blog once my computer decides to cooperate! --  Michelle)

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