Sunday, December 30, 2012

First Week in Evesham

David's first e-mail from the field said:

1. So I had to get a bike helmet the other day and I ddn't have any money to get one because I had used all my money to get a bike. It's a pretty sweet bike, not going to lie. So we just went to the bike shop and were looking at the helmets and then this lady member walks up to us and asks if she can then buy us a helmet. Of course we said yes!! What a blessing! Elder Dalton says that was maybe the luckiest thing ever because that sister is a little crazy. We are going to her house tonight for dinner so I can really find out if she is or not. But I was just thinking wow...  Heavenly Father really answers prayers. Even when we don't say them.

 2. We had a leason with this man named Gavin. I asked Elder Dalton what he was like. He just said a little bit crazy... well that was the truth.  We walk into his apartment and it smelled so bad.  Beer bottles and smoke buds all over the ground. It just looked like a hell pit. And the man is crazy.  He was asking crazy questions and I was looking at elder Dalton and he just gave me the "go with the flow" look. So between the smell and him pounding down a few beers we were able to give him a leasson about the plan of happiness. He was really into it and then talked about how his twin brother died and then got really personal. We were able to then tell him how he can be forgiven and then I asked him if he would like to be babtized. He said yes!! And the was my 1st lesson too!! Even in that hell pit you could really feel the holy ghost touch him and see how he felt it. He doesn't have a date because he is going to take some time to change. We plan to meet with him again in the following weeks.

3. The Goddards are this small family who just joined the church this week. So I come here to Evesham and I have 3 babtisms!! I know nothing about the family but Elder dalton had met with them and they are "golden" are that's the truth. So this saturday the 3 of them (mom, dad and little girl) all got babtized!! You could just see how happy they are. The joy on there face can't be put into words.  Then on sunday we gave them the gift of the holy ghost. And wow so powerful everyone at church was crying. The sprit was SO strong! We look forward to binging more people the joy of the gospel.

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