Tuesday, November 27, 2012

First "P" Day

FYI:  "P" day for a missionary is "preparation" day.  The day a missionary does all his errands, laundry, etc.
David's e-mail to us say: "Today we went to the Preston temple. What a powerful experience. I was an escort for elder Popa who is from Romania. (He had never been through the temple before.) He had that deer in the head lights look. But very powerful." 

"Everything here is a big change from the food to the people to the cars. But one thing is the same, the gospel. I have two companions. elder Popa and elder Wienhimer. Elder Popa has a very strong testimony and when he teaches it comes from the heart and you can just tell the gospel means everything to him and he wants everyone to know. We work very well together. Elder Wienhimer comes from Utah."

"Also today we went into the town to look around and get some things. It is kinda like home only everything has a different name. The weather here is pretty much just like home only you have to cover every part of your body. They say this kind of cold goes right to your bones. I can tell you that what they say is true, it does."

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