Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Leaving the MTC

David's letter today:  So I'm going by train to Birmingham. Don't worry I'm going with someone who is from england, elder turney, so I should be just fine. My time here in the mtc has been crazy just gone by so fast as you guys all said it would. okay don't tell anyone but i have gained a few pounds here in the mtc!! The food is so good. But don't worry. I'm on my 2 year get sexy plan so I'm going to be really good looking when I get back. 
I'm going to miss the mtc here. The teachers, the food, the pet ducks we watch everyday, the people. It's such a good place here. We started with only 8 missionaries and we end with 8. No other missionariess came to the mtc. The next group is like 30.
All right well got to run. Love you all and miss you. Tell Allen that I'm very happy for him. Until next time!!

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