Monday, August 12, 2013

Photos from Leicester

 David with Elder Sedillo before David got transferred.
David loved working with him.

"This is what we did on p-day the other day. The wizards are me, elder smith and elder sedillo and elder clem. They all really helped me get by with my hard times with elder Lepard. I spent a lot of time with them this transfer. Going to miss them all!

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  1. Hi! I'm Elder Sedillo's mom! I just randomly ran into your blog. My girl's and I were having fun entering all of family member's names into google to see what comes up. I was so suprised to see Cody's picture come up in the images section!! He talked about Elder Doty a lot in his letters! He was so sad that he was transferred!! My email is, I'd love to chat with you and get copies of those pictures. He didn't send me those ones!