Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5th

So the big news is out. My companion Elder LePard went home. After 6 weeks of trying to go home he finally pulled the trigger and went home. All in all he is a good kid but I'm happy so see him go.
This week all we did was meet with president and get Lepard suits so he could go home looking "fresh". So we did that all week and now after being with the "ap"s (assistants to the president) for the last day I'm now with some zone leaders and will be with them until I get a new area and new companion in 2 days. Very happy about that. I have talked to president more this transfer then I hope to the rest of my mission. If I can go the rest of my mission not speaking to president it will be a good mission. Love the guy just spent too much time with him.
Well this week will be a good week. Get to work with a future :ap" and a missionary who served with Elder Dalton. Next week should be a great one.
Love, Elder Doty

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