Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19th

This has been a good week. I got to meet a lot of the ward. I really like the ward and it's full of good people. I was also able to see and meet with all of our investigators and the good news is we have good investigators. Some of them are wasters but a few of them are good. We put one of them on a date for the 13 of September (early birthday gift) and I think she will make it.  She is 23 and married. Her husband has been way sick so we might be able to put him on a date as well once he gets better. We also have other people who I think could be baptized in the future, we just need to get a hold of them and teach them. Like this 13 year old girl named Jordan. She is so solid, we just need parent's permission so we can go in. She came to church with her grandma and said she loved it. So things are looking very good here in Boston.
I am on a bike but we don't bike much. The area is huge and we have a senior couple who drives us around so that's good.  I'm loving this area.  But how can you not with the place I just came from. Elder Bills is a really good missionary and he is fun and he likes to have fun, so life is great.

Thanks everyone for the letters and emails you are the best,  Love Elder Doty

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