Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24th

All is well here in Coventry. We plan on having 3 people to be baptized on June 30. They are all sweet and we are both pumped.

All we really did this week was go from lesson to lesson and then do some finding. Found a family so maybe we can have some luck there. We were dropped by Shanice the other day. She was on a date for July 5. She has family issues and they don't really like the church a lot, But she knows it's true. A few years down the road she will make a great member. I bashed with a few people this week. Not sure if it's the best thing to do but when you step on my feet I'm going at you. I got a few pictures this week so that's all good for you picture lovers. Besides that nothing really happened just a lot of travel from this place to that place and teaching mixed with some finding. Like I said all is well. We get the transfer dodge tonight. I don't think many changes will be happening here in Coventry.

Love you all and miss you all very much!
Elder Doty

*** An E-mail from David's cousin Annie showed up later today with this news:

Michelle! I'm emailing an elder in David's Mission and he told me to tell you this:

"This is important, Tell Elder Doty's family he is getting transferred out of Coventry, he doesn't know where yet, but he also got the call to be a district leader."

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