Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27th

It has been an awesome week. Many blessing this week. I don't have a lot of time to email, but I will try the best I can.

Monday we did service for some people in the ward and then went out finding and we ran into a drunk man, so I got to bash with him and another Jehovah's Witness for a bit. That's always fun. It was a nice p-day.

Tuesday we did some more service for some people and had a baptism interview because my companion is district leader.  We also did some finding and then had a ward missionary meeting because we have 10 missionaries so we needed to get some things right.

Wednesday we had Zone Conference in Gloucester. that took all day and it was alright but it cost 40 Pounds which sucked but besides that it was alright.  But it took up our whole day sitting in meetings.

Thursday I had an exchange with a missionary here in Coventry.  We are both buddies so it was nice. We put someone on a date for baptism for June 20th.  It was a crazy lesson and took two hours but she is way nice. They fed us all this food and we just ate and taught them.

Friday this is were it gets really good. We got a media referral. this guy is freaking sweet!! His name is Kwame he is the man. He wants to come to church but works on Sunday so he is praying to find a new job. He is the man. Then we went on another exchange and I went with a zone leader named Elder Gunnderson.  The man is freaking nuts he is such a good finder. We found so many people to teach and I was pooped after all that talking to people and finding.

Saturday we did some more finding and found some sweet people. The sweet people are always black. It's just a fact. We did some more service and then we had a lesson with a young couple and put them on a date!! June 20th! They both seem really cool and we are seeing them again tonight. The names and Marcus and Susan. I was so shocked they said yes when I asked them.

Sunday we went to church and that's nice because it's a very big ward full of young people who just got back from missions so they all want to teach with us. After we did some help for the homeless. setting up bags of goods and giving it to them. Then we did some finding and we found the most golden black man I have ever met in my life. He ran us down and took down our names and everything.  He wants to come to church and he said, "I have been lost and looking for you guys and now I have found you, please my brother help me get to church." I was so pumped about that.  It's just a blessing from on high, no question about it.

Well it was a busy week but such a good week. We hope to have another great week.
Love Elder Doty

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