Monday, May 13, 2013

May 13th

Hello family and friends again another week has gone by. I got to call home on Sunday and talk with the family for a bit. That was the best! This week has been great I could not have asked for a better week. (Mom I feel very happy about this that better?) 
Wednesday we had the Zone leaders come over and do a work over with us. Got in another bible bash with a man. He then kissed the Elder I was with on the cheek. That was a bit odd but they say you have not served a mission until you have been kissed by another man. I have already been kissed by a drunk man. Like no one was home the whole day so it kinda sucked.

Thursday we went out to Tewkebury and had a good lesson with a 19 year old named Zak. Then our bus just didn't show up so we had to sit around and wait forever and we then went to young mens and had a nerf gun fight in the church. That was alot of fun!! I hope they do that more.

Friday we did service for an old lady again. Then we had a flat check. Oh my goodness longest flat check ever. She was looking at every single place on the floor, the sink, the shower... oh my gosh. But we did pass so that's good.  But oh man that took forever, I wish I timed it. Let's just say it was long. They we had weekly planning and went to a member's house for dinner.  It was very good hamburgers so a nice American meal.

Saturday we had a lesson with an Indian man named Dayarum. He hardly spoke any English to us so it was kinda funny. The lesson was alright he wants us to come back so we shall see how that goes. We then went by some former investigators and then went to a members so elder Webber could skype home. He was very happy to skype his family.

 Sunday we had church it was good very nice just sat back and listened had an investigator come for a bit that's always nice. We then went to the Greaves for lunch and a meeting eith the branch president. He wants us to start working with the young single adults. We have 21 YSA. So I'm looking forward to working with young single adults. We then went to the Barnes and I got to skye home. It was awesome to hear from thenm.  Sounds like things haven't really changed at all.

Overall it was a very good week. Tonight I get the call if I stay in Evesham or not. I hope and pray that I do.

Love you all and miss you all very much!  
Elder Doty

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